Our ReStart participants have serious difficulties - typically more than four from the list below. They are referred because talk-based support is not working for them. We specialise in helping people who are disengaged or stuck – we are experts in action-based intervention.

We teach, rehearse and repeat 8 key psycho-social skills (see THC Star) in an intensive and challenging, but fun, 5 day programme with feedback in-the-moment from specially trained horses and 1-to-1 facilitator support.

  • anxiety diagnosis
  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • PTSD
  • not attending school (training, work)
  • relationship difficulties
  • mood swings/impulsivity
  • disengaged
  • self harming
  • suicidal
  • bullying, aggression, anger management issues
  • being bullied
  • risk taking behaviour
  • drug & alcohol misuse
  • eating disorder
  • offending
  • domestic violence
  • neglect / abuse
  • difficult family dynamics
  • in family with mental health problems, offending or D&A
  • living in care, leaving care or at risk of going into care
  • from area of high deprivation
  • homeless

Sessions are 2 hours long, over consecutive days to help set new skills and habits. The results tend to be dramatic – see our evidence page – with participants shifting to a point where they can then engage with specialist talk-based support or re-engage with mainstream provision.

We provide detailed handback to the participant and their referring professional, and discuss follow on support.


In addition to the intensive ReStart we offer Lighter Touch equine-assisted options such as:

  • Tailored sessions  – to work on a specific skill, where a full ReStart is not required
  • Taster sessions – a short session to establish whether a participant is happy to commit to the 5 day ReStart
  • Top up sessions – after a ReStart, as tapered support, or where participants need to come back, weeks, months or even years after their ReStart, to rebuild skills during a difficult time
  • Family / Foster family sessions – are useful after individual family members have completed the ReStart course